Wednesday, January 5, 2011

ASLO, Aquatic Sciences Meeting, February 2011

Special Sessions List 

S09: Benthic Biogeochemical Processes: From microscale patchiness to ecosystem function [Schedule]

S27: Interactions Between Aquatic Microbial Eukaryotes: Intracellular to Community Processes [Schedule]

S45. Protists in Extreme Environments: Beyond Diversity  [Schedule]

S62: Microbial Adaptation to Environmental Changes and Advances in Marine Microbial Diversity and Dynamics in Latin America and the Caribbean [Schedule]

S67: Deep-Sea Corals and Other Communities Associated with Hydrocarbon Seeps and Polymetallic Sulfide Deposits: Life in the crosshairs of human impact [Schedule]


See complete list on : The Humboldt Current System web site


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