Wednesday, April 6, 2011

46th European Marine Biology Symposium, September, Croatia

The Symposium will be dealing with the main following topics:

    * Marine Biodiversity
    * Marine Biodiversity – Mediterranean session
    * Patterns and Processes in Marine Ecosystems
    * Marine Habitats
    * General Marine Biology (open session)

and it will include:

    * Oral presentation sessions
    * Poster sessions

The basis for oral presentations will be Microsoft PowerPoint (ppt  files). 
Please bring your presentation either on a CD or a flash drive and submit 
a copy at the registration desk the day prior to your presentation until 18:00. 
Name the file using your surname only. Files cannot be installed in the 
Conference room nor can your own computer be used for PowerPoint presentations.

Posters should be no more than 90cm in width and 120cm in height.  
Display boards will be available.

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