Friday, January 4, 2013

Foraminifera from Peru: Brizalina alata

Foraminifera are protozoans found in all marine environments, they secrete a test of calcium carbonate. These organisms usually dominate both shallow and deep sediments.Despite a strong presence in all the oceans of the world, still remains largely unknown its diversity, and still do not know all benthic processes in which they participate.
Peru has one of the most productive seas in terms of fish production, but other components of this large marine ecosystem are also very important in relation to its functioning. Benthic organisms have a key role in several processes related with organic matter cycling and others aspects of  metabolisms of the marine system. Central Perú was sampled in 2007 during Galathea Expedition*. Here, I present a preliminary taxonomic identification** of some forams found in Huacho-Peru, corresponding to 100-300 m depth range. 

Brizalina alata Seguenza 1862

We thank Michael Hesseman by electronic photos, which can also be seen on their website Foraminifera

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