Tuesday, March 16, 2010

EUMAINE - European Master of Science in Nematology, MSc

Ghent University, Faculty of Sciences

Country: Belgium Duration: 24 Months
City: Ghent Start Date: September
Educational Form:
  • Taught
Languages: English 
Education Variants:
  • Full Time
Annual Tuition Fee: € 525

Programme Description

The Postgraduate International Nematology Course (P.I.N.C.) is a Master course at Ghent University, Belgium . It is a 2-year programme taught in English. The nematology section at Ghent University is an internationally renowned centre for education and research on nematodes of different groups.

We aim to train people from all over the world into high qualified nematologists taking leading jobs in plant protection, sustainable management of natural resources, biocontrol of crops, biomonitoring and conservation of aquatic and terrestrial environments, and estimating biodiversity.

The Master of Science in Nematology programme includes training and research on the morphology, systematics and biology of plant parasitic, insect parasitic and free-living nematodes. Emphasis is placed on the acquisition of microscopy techniques and accurate identification skills, aided by the availability of a virtually complete taxonomic library. The main purpose is to provide each student with the expertise required for conducting independent research in his or her home country.

Major attention is given to crop protection and topics including environmental issues such as soil management (residues, groundwater), use of nematodes as bio-indicators for pollution of e.g. industrialised coastal areas, and development of tropical ecosystems (e.g. mangroves). A third aspect covered in particular is the latest techniques being developed for control of nematode pests, such as genetic manipulation.

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