Monday, March 8, 2010

Methods for the Study of Marine Benthos, 3rd Edition

Ecosystems of the benthic environment are a sensitive index to ecological change, and as such demand long-term and effective monitoring. Methods for the Study of Marine Benthos provides comprehensive information on the tools and techniques available to those working in areas where the declining health of the sea, depletion of marine resources and the biodiversity of marine life are major concerns.

Professor Anastasios Eleftheriou is based at the Institute of Marine Biology, University of Crete, Crete, Greece

Professor Alasdair McIntyre is based at the Marine Laboratory, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

Chapter 1.
Design and Analysis in Benthic Surveys.
Chapter 2.
Sediment Analysis and Seabed Characterisation.
Chapter 3.
Imaging Techniques.
Chapter 4.
Diving Systems.
Chapter 5.
Macrofauna Techniques.
Chapter 6.
Meiofauna Techniques.
Chapter 7.
Deep-Sea Benthic Sampling.
Chapter 8.
Measuring the Flow of Energy and Matter in Marine Benthic Animal Populations


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