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Neobiota, Trilateral Conference, Wadden Sea

Trilateral Conference on
Neobiota in the Wadden Sea -Challenges for Nature Conservation
26 August 2010

Das Wattemeerhaus

The 5th Wadden Sea Day on 26 August 2010 has the theme "Neobiota in the Wadden Sea" and is organized by the National Park Administration Wadden Sea Lower Saxony together with the Common Wadden Sea Secretariat.

Background and Objective
For centuries, alien species have been introduced to new areas in which they were previously absent and to which they have been introduced by humans as mediator. With increasing global trade the introduction, both intentional and unintentional, has increased concomitantly and has increased in complexity. Next to global habitat loss and climate change, this biological globalization has become a key process in altering the biosphere.

The Quality Status Report for the Wadden Sea 2009 has shown that in the Wadden Sea, a diverse range of alien species has established permanent populations. The rate of alien species is continuously increasing. Many of the species have become abundant and several can be regarded as invasive in the sense of having a significant effect on the recipient ecosystem.
Furthermore, with inscription of the Wadden Sea on the World Heritage List in June 2009, the World Heritage Committee encourage the State Parties to implement a strict monitoring program to control invasive species associated with ballast water, marinas and aquaculture in the property.
The conference has the aim to provide insights in recent research and management projects along the Wadden Sea coast, to assess the possible threat to the World Heritage and to discuss with scientists and managers how new challenges by marine alien species can be met by trilateral policy and management.

The Program
The sessions of the workshop will focus on Status of marine neobiota in the Wadden Sea
Monitoring and assessment of aliens (“rapid assessment” project, beach explorer, TMAP)
Management (eradication, control) and prevention of introduction (shipping, aquaculture, marinas) and communication (awareness, qualification of guides)

preliminary program
travel information

Who shall attend?
Invited are policy makers, conservation managers, scientists, and non-governmental organizations. The number of participants is limited to 80 persons.

Further information and registration
Please confirm your attendance until 15 August 2010

By mail, email or fax to:

Dr. Gerald Millat
National Park Lower Saxon Wadden Sea,
Virchowstr. 1,
26382 Wilhelmshaven
Tel. +49 4421-911-298, Fax +49 04421-911-280,

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